Gordana Gordy Stefulic - Retired
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Gordana Gordy Stefulic - Retired

Now that our Gordy has retired the scandals from her TDSB days will be following her
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 Hey Admin make a full copy of this site

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Hey Admin make a full copy of this site Empty
PostSubject: Hey Admin make a full copy of this site   Hey Admin make a full copy of this site EmptyWed Jun 12, 2019 11:00 pm

Make a full copy because some people are trying to shut down many site like this. It takes time to get Google to remove stuff but it takes only a few seconds to repost.

TDSB Poster wrote:

Defamation Complaint to Google
Google LLC
[Private] Mountain View, CA, 94043, US
Google LLC
Re: Unknown

Sent via: Unknown

Notice Type:

Legal Complaint

I am Detective Constable [REDACTED] [REDACTED] with the Toronto Police Cyber Crime Section, I can be contacted via our office number [REDACTED]. Vivian Mavrou has been the victim of a vicious defamation of character campaign since 2013. Toronto Police Service has police report 2[REDACTED] on file for this activity. As a result of these online postings the Ontario Principals Counsel has investigated Vice Principal Mavrou and ALL allegations have been proven to be false. However this online content continues to be posted on the Internet and readily visible because it is indexed on Google’s search engine. I hereby request your assistance in rectifying this situation by removing all indexed links and cached links to the URLS provided

Defamation Claim #1
URLs of Allegedly Defamatory Material:
cheezburger.com - 1 URL
illyria.proboards.com - 1 URL
julianfreeman.ca - 1 URL
martingrove.canadian-forum.com - 1 URL
massageplanet.net - 1 URL
mememaker.org - 1 URL
issuu.com - 1 URL
lettersblogatory.com - 1 URL
levynewsnetwork.wordpress.com - 1 URL
memegenerator.net - 1 URL
nonsoosaji.wordpress.com - 1 URL
thabto.wordpress.com - 1 URL
theneedleblog.wordpress.com - 1 URL
vigilantcitizen.com - 1 URL
www.change.org - 1 URL
www.theinquiry.ca - 1 URL
www.thestranger.com - 1 URL
yourwardnews.wordpress.com - 1 URL
troll.me - 1 URL
unitedfamilies.org - 1 URL
vivianmavrousexforum.freeforums.net - 1 URL
www.blogwrath.com - 1 URL
www.circleofmoms.com - 1 URL
www.experienceproject.com - 1 URL
www.network54.com - 1 URL
www.quickmeme.com - 1 URL
www.yeshacallahan.com - 1 URL

Click here to request access and see full URLs.


Original Documents
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Hey Admin make a full copy of this site Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey Admin make a full copy of this site   Hey Admin make a full copy of this site EmptySun Jul 28, 2019 4:30 am

URLs of Allegedly Defamatory Material

Canada is a shit feminist cuntry. Why? Because the pigs know in their legal action that the links are "allegedly" defamatory, yet they are forcing Google to remove links as defamatory. Toronto Police stated allegedly defamatory, which means that the links weren't proven to be defamatory.

Would the Toronto cops do this shit if it were a male teacher or average schmuck on the street?! These days some fat, feminist monster witch could slander and defame countless men on social media with impunity.

At UofT, there is even a "shit list" posted in the ladies' washroom where feminists write false accusations against men they don't like. Why isn't Toronto Police investigating that?

Canada is a shit feminist cuntry!
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Hey Admin make a full copy of this site
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